Tuesday, 28 August 2007

H20_Designs Creation 002- Unreal

H20_Designs Creation 002- Unreal. Unreal started originally as a size 8 wedge with 4inch heels however after a bit of fettling around, the original leather materials gave wear to plumber metal straps which can be used as superb restraints.

This means that these shoes are definintely designed for serious bdsm/fetish/ kink. Why is that? I hear you asking. Well once the wearer puts them on they will have a hard time getting them off as the metal ankle strap works like mechancial strap. This means to wear then, a flat head screwdriver is required to turn the locking screw mechanism to open the ankle strap and then turning the screw back again to close until a tight fit is acquired. Once in, there is little escape. The only way get out safely is to unscrew the locking screw mechanism and this process itself takes at least 5-10 minutes via hand tolds or for those daring around 30 seconds using a electric hand drill with the correct screwdriver head as well as a pair of steady hands.

Typical signature inner metal soles with screws has been employed as usual too.