Thursday, 4 September 2008

H20_Design Creations - 004 - Valadimira

Hello all,

Hope all is well - latest creation is now complete. I was trying to create a piece which resembled from you know what film I meant where SJP wears those oh-so famous - extreme gladiator heels made popular by the oh you know what I mean film.

The design this time features a modest 4"inch tall wooden heel. I couldn't locate any supplier for the heels I typicall used for these creation so had to find the next best thin. Again, the trademarked metal aluminium sole insert is featured.

As you can see I personally think the design is not very successful when compared to my previo
us designs - however fear not - the next design I promise will be back to usual madness if not even madder. It shan't be long - guess it maybe a few month of possibly in a fortnight but depends really whether I get my new job or not.

Right, I've gotta shoot off now to post my new design on High Heel Place - a wonderful forum for high heel lovers and on ebay too, as well as make my video for youtube of which I shall post the link later when I am done.

Until my next design ,take care and all the best!