Thursday, 4 September 2008

H20_Design Creations - 004 - Valadimira

Hello all,

Hope all is well - latest creation is now complete. I was trying to create a piece which resembled from you know what film I meant where SJP wears those oh-so famous - extreme gladiator heels made popular by the oh you know what I mean film.

The design this time features a modest 4"inch tall wooden heel. I couldn't locate any supplier for the heels I typicall used for these creation so had to find the next best thin. Again, the trademarked metal aluminium sole insert is featured.

As you can see I personally think the design is not very successful when compared to my previo
us designs - however fear not - the next design I promise will be back to usual madness if not even madder. It shan't be long - guess it maybe a few month of possibly in a fortnight but depends really whether I get my new job or not.

Right, I've gotta shoot off now to post my new design on High Heel Place - a wonderful forum for high heel lovers and on ebay too, as well as make my video for youtube of which I shall post the link later when I am done.

Until my next design ,take care and all the best!


chicks66 said...

i am sorry to see that, despite your incredibly cheerful enthusiasm, you have 0 comments on all the posts i saw. so i had to say something. cool shoes! anyway, lots of potential...and i am a shoe fiend. keep up the good work. i really want to make some shoes too. you have inspired me to get back to my project. i saw your post on the i am a member too. great site.

so, you have access to a machine shop, huh? i dont. i envy you. i dont know how much money you have to put into these projects or what your other abilities are but i found this cool site you might like that might help you take it to the next level in terms of sophistication. it is called i am starting my own blogger page about shoes. i have 2 experimemtal pages up right now as i try to figure out how i want it. maybe we can help eachother out and exchange links when i finalize. you dont seem to have very many views, and i think your stuff, your dedication and your uniqueness deserve to be seen. i can just see you becoming a big fetish shoe mogul. passion is at the root of many success stories. bye the way, how much are the shoes selling for on ebay.

my name is chicks66 you can see my experimental blogs (also with 0 comments) at

if you are interested contact me on the high heel place .


goooooood girl said...

your blog is very fine......

H20_Designs said...


Thanks for dropping by and leaving such a wonderful message, I personal don't have a machine shop either, it's just that I have a variety of hand tools, a few budget power tools, a bandsaw which I got from eBay and that's it.

But yeah, thanks for the recommendation link and yes I haven't had much time to continue making them due to work commitments but come summer again, when I have 4 weeks off, I'll be creating more designs

All the best