Friday, 24 August 2007

H20_Designs Creation 001- Torture

H20_Design Creation 001

Shoe Name: Torture

I'm sure those who are looking at this blog will be or should be or maybe in awe of the folowing metal high heel creation. This was the first piece created and has been sold to a lucky ebay member in Norway. The name torture was used due to the heels look torturous to wear but actually aren't- quite surprising ain't it?

As you can see although the high heel sculture has many minor sharp edges - it is wearable.
How many pairs of these kind of shoe do you expect to see in the world - probably one because no pair of shoes are the same and I've onlt created one pair of these unless somebody out there has created another pair?

These shoes are certainly perfect for your other half if they are always annoying as once they put their feet in, you can lock them with the padlocks although those who are quite intelligent may use a bolt cutter or pick the lock to get out of them quickly.

Plus on the insoles, it is again polished aluminium and there are annoying little screws that are there to secure the insole yet also to serve stimulation to the nerve ends in the foot thus heightening the wearers experience.

These are certainly no ornidary high heels either as the heel may look weird but acutally the total heel hieght is 5" inches. Not only will these scream to other people ' look at me' , people will probably ask where you got them from and ask you if they are comfortable to wear or not.

Now tell me - how many shoes can do the following:
  • Attract people to look in awe
  • annoy the wearer for those who lock their other half in them
  • works great at both fetish and bdsm venues, individaul,
  • unique
  • and gives the sense of restraint?

Let me know what you think about them. I would certainly love to hear your comments

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